Quora Ads and Marketing

Quora: An Important SEO Tool

Our most successful case study for the use of Quora comes from a computer cluster technology company in Austin called R Systems. We worked with their Systems Engineer as well as CEO to create profiles and answer questions on Quora.

Native Advertising Strategy

The Native Advertising Puzzle

After the revelations in 2017/18 that fake news exists all over the internet, brands are going to have a really hard time creating native ads and smart content that actually works. With a more natural placement and formatting, native ads tend to get more exposure and more engagement than traditional banner ads … and are less…


5 Ways to Give Your Website a Spring Cleanin’

When your website first launched it was most likely a simple place with the core information needed about your business. Fast-forward a few years, and many business owners find their site is bloated with content and promotions added slowly month after month. It’s not the most fun job, but cleaning out your website every once in a…


Now a Word from Our Governement … on Twitter?

Since the beginning of the most recent administration, a new phenomena has taken hold with the use of Twitter by government officials as the main communication device with constituents. President Trump is the most obvious example of this; however, even Texas Governor Greg Abbott has caught on to the futuristic trend. In a recent article…


Are Instagram Automations Worth It?

  Automation is something that we’ve been dreaming about for decades. Just look at any old Jetsons cartoon and you’ll see it. Jane Jetson walks into a kitchen, pushes a few buttons and boom, dinner is done! While push button meals never ended up materializing (Sonic doesn’t count), other concepts around automations are at full…

Holiday Marketing

Have Big Plans for Your Holiday Marketing? Hope You Got Started Yesterday…

Most of us are still trying to soak in what’s left of the summer sun, so thinking about the monstrous task of holiday marketing is the last thing we want to conquer. However, for brands and nonprofits wanting to pull-in bigger bucks this November & December than they did the year before, that means brainstorming…


Twitch Hires Kate Jhaveri as new SVP of Marketing

Kate Jhaveri, who previously held senior VP of marketing positions at Twitter, Facebook and Microsoft, has been hired by Amazon’s Twitch to fill that same role. Kate Jhaveri led global consumer marketing at Twitter, where she was responsible for essentially all things marketing.  She left Twitter last August. In her new role at Twitch (a company…


Unbarlievable: How to Be Horrible at Handling Bad Reviews

Let this be a lesson to you. If you give bad service, get a bad review and do a bad job at handling that review, you WILL get dragged by the internet. This bar started their day with 5 star reviews on every platform. Then their owner stepped in to handle the review you see…

Speak Social Blog

How Waiting Tables Made Me a Better Business Owner

You’ve likely heard the phrase in the weeds at least one time in your life. Typically it means that you’re getting lost in the details, but if you ever waited tables, this phrase means something quite different … you’re overwhelmed by tasks. It happens in the restaurant industry when a hostess seats multiple parties all…

Speak Social Promo Video … We Get People Talking About Your Brand

Speak Social Promo Video … We Get People Talking About Your Brand

Although there are a variety of projects that we’ve worked on over the past four years, if you ask our team what we do best, the answer is always “creating conversations.” This beauty of a video produced by the talented minds at Abstract Media, gives a little peek into how we set out to create a…


How Many Hats Can You Wear on One Head?

  The other day I was having lunch at Roll On Sushi Diner in Austin, and something caught my attention. I watched as 9 or 10 people scurried about preparing food, filling drinks, taking orders and delivering bills. It took a team to complete my dining experience efficiently, and if only one person ran the…

Speak Social, U.S. Department, Pakistan Delegates

Activism through Social Media: A Project for Pakistan

Activism through Social Media: A Project for Pakistan bit.ly/VLu4Al via @speaksocial — Speak Social (@SpeakSocial) February 8, 2013 Secretly everyone has had the dream at least once where the government calls with a special mission, and you are the one they need. It’s a dream that rarely comes true, and in our case almost got…

Marriage Equality

Influencers Spread Equal Rights on Social Media like a Fast Moving Virus

When I get to the Speak Social office in the mornings, my routine is simple: I take my laptop out of my black messenger bag, plug it in the outlet behind my desk, and open Internet Explorer (no judgments please). I have three homepages that I check regularly: CNN, Facebook and Gmail. Normally, very little…

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