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What is it That We Do for Brands at Speak Social?

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Google Analytics, You Failed Me for the Last Time

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One major rule of Social Media marketing is to track everything, and at Speak Social we take that responsibility very seriously. When certain content goes out for clients that I suspect will perform well, I monitor its performance closely. I… Continue Reading →

Speak Social Promo Video … We Get People Talking About Your Brand

Although there are a variety of projects that we’ve worked on over the past four years, if you ask our team what we do best, the answer is always “creating conversations.” This beauty of a video produced by the talented… Continue Reading →

Culture: It’s What ‘Startup Dreams’ are Made of

There is one word you’re probably hearing way more often since the dawn of internet startups …Culture. While it has always been an important element of a company, especially since the Social Media bubble began in 2007, it seems like Culture has taken… Continue Reading →

Influencers Spread Equal Rights on Social Media like a Fast Moving Virus

When I get to the Speak Social office in the mornings, my routine is simple: I take my laptop out of my black messenger bag, plug it in the outlet behind my desk, and open Internet Explorer (no judgments please)…. Continue Reading →

Brad Bogus’ Guest Interview on The Creative Web Podcast


The Speak Social Mission has a New Home!

    Welcome to the new Speak Social office. https://t.co/Vxysr7sjYb — Andy Gonzalez (@GoGoGonzilla) September 29, 2014

Traditional PR Lacks Trackability, but is still Necessary for a Successful Campaign

Back in the day, when you needed to spread the word about your business, you sent out a good ol’ fashioned Press Release. It was the media that had the power to “reach” the masses, and you needed them to… Continue Reading →

Au revoir, West Anderson Lane

“The house you were born in.” It’s a romantic sentiment that equates to an eternal fondness for the place where one takes his or her first breath of life. One visits the place later in life, perhaps during one’s mid-life… Continue Reading →

Measuring Customers with ‘Last Touch Attribution’ is like Sharing Vacation Photos of only the Airport

The biggest challenge in measuring the impact of marketing is drawing the line between advertising and sales. It’s the illusive dragon that most companies continue to chase. Unfortunately, like a mythical creature, you will never find a perfectly defined path between… Continue Reading →

Twitter’s Mute Button is What Should be Muted

You can’t win them all. Sometimes you lose big. Other times, you don’t win or lose … you just stalemate yourself.  That’s exactly what Twitter did when it rolled out the mute button this week. Sure, I have fallen victim… Continue Reading →

A Journalist Wrote this Blog … and I have a Degree to Prove it

I recently attended a press event for the grand opening of a restaurant. There, sticking out among all the slacks, dresses, and neatly pressed shirts, was a young man, hair in disarray, wearing a black tank top and cargo pants…. Continue Reading →

A Look at Traditional PR through the Years (Infographic)

With all of the discussion we’re having this week about new tactics in old PR, it got our team wondering … what all has changed since the beginning of traditional PR? Well we found this awesome infographic put together by… Continue Reading →

Client Case Study: Black Forest Biergarten becomes The Glass Boot

We had an interesting client problem arise last month that the Speak Social team was able to turn into a media win. We also learned quite a bit during the process of solving this problem about new tactics in the old… Continue Reading →

How Cheerios Scared the Hell Out of Their Facebook Fans

The story was all over the internet on Friday, “If you like Cheerios on Facebook, you’re not allowed to sue us.” General Mills, the overseer of such brands as Chex, Cheerios, and Betty Crocker, changed its legal terms, and what… Continue Reading →

Blogs are Not Dead, You are Killing Them … DUMMY!

It always amuses me to see people emphatically write the statement, “Blogs Are Dead;” not only because this battle cry is usually posted on (you guessed it!) a BLOG, but also because it is a blanket statement that is neither… Continue Reading →

These are the 30 People you will Definitely see at SXSW (Many of These Describe Us)

Article Courtesy:  The Thrillist Whether you plan to jump in head first or stay far, far away — it’s inevitable, SXSW is upon us. We all know that with all the innovation and fun that comes with a festival of this magnitude,… Continue Reading →

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