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Online Contact Methods

Online Contact Methods

   Clearly we’re comfortable with online communication, so take your pick when it comes to reaching out through Social Media! Follow us, friend us, like us, subscribe to us …  GO TO OUR FACEBOOK PAGE  GO TO OUR TWITTER PAGE GO TO OUR GOOGLE+ PAGE GO TO OUR YOUTUBE PAGE GO TO OUR INSTAGRAM PAGE

Anya Brill

Magical From Start to Finish!

    Anya Brill’s first shoot with photographer Michael Shane Gordon turned out to be a day full of fun, friendship and creative collaboration. It also produced some of her all-time favorite shots. Here’s the story behind the shoot… I confess that I had no idea what to expect from this shoot, the first one…

Facebook Marketing Austin

What happened to “It’s None of your Business”

The recent trouble Facebook got into regarding privacy regulations has made me consider some generational attitudes that I feel will define Social Media moving forward … but I’ll get there.   Privacy has been an ongoing issue for Facebook. Since the release of the recent apps Timelines and Frictionless Sharing, users can now, with the…

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Cries a River: Thank You, Klout

Klout’s new algorithm came, saw and shook the world for many Social Media professionals. Over the past few weeks, the blogosphere has been saturated with anti-Klout articles. People scoured the interweb (I love that word) for every possible story, sourcing any and all material that discredits Klout by highlighting even the smallest chink in their…

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