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Communities are Bullsh*t

Communities are bullsh*t. That’s right, I said it. Go ahead … think about that Twitter page you manage. Consider the amount of time it took you to build your first 100 followers, let alone your first 1,000. You are feeling pretty high about your ability to grow a “community”, aren’t you? I hate to burst your bubble,…


A Deafening Silence: The Social Media Battle Against SOPA & PIPA – PART I

Today is the day of Internet blackout; a day where many websites and Social Media channels decided to become unavailable to users in protest of the pending SOPA / PIPA (Stop Online Piracy Act / Protect Intellectual Property Act) bills being discussed in Congress. Wikipedia is one of the most vocal of these sites, but…

A Deafening Silence: The Social Media Battle Against SOPA & PIPA – PART II

YouTube has the most to lose, and their reasons for opposition are the same as the other networks: if users commit copyright violations and upload said content to their site, these acts will make YouTube responsible for heavy fines and policing just by being a platform that users break the law through. Currently, the Digital…

Google Personal Search is Here: Forget everything you THOUGHT you Knew about SEO

A year or two ago things were easy-breezy for Google. Algorithms kept the Internet’s vast number of sites in check, delivering what was believed to be relevant content to the masses in a strategic order. However, were those search results really relevant to our needs, or was it just what met the most number of…

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