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Facebook Improved Our Internal Communications

Find me a company that fully embraces using Social Media to improve communication within its organization. Go ahead, it’s a challenge. I’m betting you won’t find many.   The common opinion around Social Media is that it’s distracting, immature and a waste of time. Even company owners that are using Social Media as a part…

Anya Brill

Speak Social Case Study: Taking Anya from Pretty Girl to Professional Beauty

READ:   Model Anya Case Study   Anya Brill from Georgetown Texas (not exactly a fashion-forward city), found our company through a friend. Though she had no connections in the fashion industry, and never had a photo shoot or paying gig, Anya dreamed of becoming a professional model. She sought our advice to guide her journey,…

Speak Social Blog

How Waiting Tables Made Me a Better Business Owner

  You’ve likely heard the phrase in the weeds at least one time in your life. Typically it means that you’re getting lost in the details, but if you ever waited tables, this phrase means something quite different … you’re overwhelmed by tasks.   It happens in the restaurant industry when a hostess seats multiple…

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