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October 2012

InnoTech 2012 Panel to Feature our Brad Bogus Discussing Marketing Automation

If you’re going to be on the streets of Austin this year for InnoTech 2012, you just might bump into our fearless leader Brad Bogus as he takes part in a panel discussing marketing automation.   Many businesses inquire about… Continue Reading →

THINK b-e-f-o-r-e (NOT B4) you TWEET!

Our writers just can’t understand why people meltdown when it comes to grammar on Twitter. It’s called abbreviation people, and we learned it in grade school! That’s why we were tickled pink to see the latest image macro from our friends… Continue Reading →

An Accidental Tweet: The Internet’s Version of the Sex Tape

By this point you must have heard a story or two about a brand or personality tweeting something inappropriate – something they would never want their followers to see or read. From Chrysler – to StubHub’s most recent slip-up – it… Continue Reading →

You May Want a Presence Online, but Does Your Target Audience Have a Reason to Care?

There is an entire audience of potential consumers seeking information on the internet, and your brand may hold the answers they are searching for; but you must engage in the conversations taking place online to find these opportunities. This isn’t… Continue Reading →

Fascinating Facebook Chat with Brad & KVUE’s Morning Anchor

Brad just wrapped an interview with KVUE about the effect our growing attachment to life online has on our real-life relationships. In his words “cheaters are going to cheat, whether they have Facebook or a lonely night in a bar.”… Continue Reading →

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