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Speak Social Owners

A Yearly Address from Speak Social

We started Speak Social at a time when Social Media was largely undefined. You couldn’t find white papers or case studies documenting the statistical proof of how well it worked, or how much money businesses generated through this new tool. We knew a lot had changed, and that wasn’t slowing down; in fact, the pace…


Have a Speak Social H O L I D A Y!

We want to thank our wonderful clients, partners, staff, friends & family for a WONDERFUL 2012! We wish you all a very Happy Holidays!!       It’s another lonely holiday on Facebook Your friend requests have all gone unanswered No one is retweeting or pinning or liking you Your memes are un-memable All your…


Instagram’s Crazy Changes get Speak Social Talking on FOX 7 News in Austin

If you blinked yesterday you may have missed Instagrams hefty policy changes that they then – with an “opposite day” like ruthlessness – took back due to the uproar on Social Media. We understand that Instragram’s benefactor Facebook is simply trying to make a buck, but did they really think people wouldn’t get a bee in…

Social Media Marketing Strategy

10 Speak Social Tips for Your 2013 Marketing Strategy

With the new year rapidly approaching, we put our heads together at Speak Social to come up with a list of New Media marketing tips that we feel brands should keep in mind when thinking about their 2013 marketing plans.   This is just the start to our thoughts for 2013. Want to know more?…

Training Image

Don’t Know Why You Should Use Social Media Marketing? Let Us Show You!

The new year is barreling towards us at a speed only seen on the Autobahn (sorry we’re still in F1 mode here in Austin), which means one thing … it’s time to set the dreaded Marketing Budget.   If your marketing efforts in 2013 do not include some sort of New Media interaction, your advertising…


Watch Your Heine … What To Do When Your Brand Accidentally Sponsors a Dog Fight

  Heineken, the Dutch brew known for its golden hue and complex taste (and likely to become a favorite of Michael Vick’s), sponsored a dog fight.   Don’t believe me? After seeing this photo, what else could you think?   The photo, which makes it look like Heineken is broadening its sports appeal (to the…

Twitter Politics

Hey GOP: It’s About the Marketing Strategy, Not the Candidate

                                          <Article Co-Written by Adam Price>       The dust of the election has settled a bit, giving analysts from the business and marketing realms a chance to look at total spending on all…

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