The introduction of Ambient Apps at SXSWi blew open the doors to connecting and networking with people in your vicinity. The newest addition to the SoMoLo movement (Social ~ Mobile ~ Local), apps like Highlight and Glancee allow you to scan through people with similar interests, located around you, based on your Facebook activity, interests and affiliations.


Andy Gonzalez, our Community Manager downloaded Glancee (he’s an Android guy, and Highlight only works with I-Phone) wanting to test the available clientele. He was skeptical at first of only finding hipsters and girls looking to party, but immediately pleased to see closely related professionals just down the street that he never knew existed.


The app is simple, with one stream of people currently online ordered by distance and number of similarities to the user. As you scroll down, the connections decrease. Andy decided to connect with a guy from a company down the street from our office who listed his profession as a writer.

Here’s a look at their exchange …

Glancee SoMoLo App

Glancee SoMoLo App


I’ve never seen LinkedIn work that quickly, have you?


Some critics may call to light the dangers of someone knowing that they are within feet of you. Perhaps these apps could incorporate an “incognito” function for when we would like to not be found. However, if you’re on Foursquare, Facebook, Google, or any other Social application we know where you are already. Why not take a risk at meeting someone new and fantastic to add to your network?