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As a Co-Founder of Speak Social, Adam strives to spread the word about our Social Media campaign process, which can close the gap between brands and the people that use them. His continued study of online media and marketing allows him to construct unique strategies that best serve the client’s message and goals. He analyzes the client’s target audience to determine where they live online, and how to adapt the client’s voice into understandable and engaging content. Adam went to school in North Carolina focusing on Marketing and Sociology, and then devoted the early part of his life to working for nonprofits including Habitat for Humanity and World Vision. He helped community leaders reach-out on a grassroots level. After moving back to Austin in 1997, he led teams at DELL and SONY. Adam Price on Google+ @SpeakAdam

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Want a Successful Marketing Company? Stop Trying to be an Overachiever

  There’s a new word floating around the web, humblebrag (humble • brag). It’s when one brags about oneself through a story of humility. This piece might come off as a bit of a humblebrag, but bear with me to the end.   When we started Speak Social, our team was one of the best (and…

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Talk is Cheap: Can your Social Media Marketing Team Deliver on what they Preach?

Our President, Brad Bogus, and I recently spoke to a group of delegates from Pakistan about U.S. Social Media practices. During the Q & A session, some of the delegates asked what makes a good Social Media company. Pakistan is an incredibly tech-savvy country from what we could tell, but the Social Media game is…


Why You Need to Care about Facebook’s New Graph Search

It’s time for those of you who have been ignoring Social Media to play catch-up. Hopefully, it is not too late. — Speak Social (@SpeakSocial) January 22, 2013   Facebook is in the midst of an interesting saga. They went public with Google–like expectations, but not the strategy in place to fully capitalize on…

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10 Speak Social Tips for Your 2013 Marketing Strategy

With the new year rapidly approaching, we put our heads together at Speak Social to come up with a list of New Media marketing tips that we feel brands should keep in mind when thinking about their 2013 marketing plans.   This is just the start to our thoughts for 2013. Want to know more?…


Google+ isn’t Dumb Enough, That’s their Problem

I really wanted to love Google+, I really did. I wanted a smarter Social network where people could share relevant information that had substance; where I could finally be among my peers and not have to spend every day ignoring and unfriending people who share useless facts about reality TV shows and partisan politics.Google listened…

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SEO Is Not Dead, It’s Reincarnated

Moments after the release of Siri, the predictable “SEO is dead” articles began appearing everywhere. As someone who started in SEO, I pretty much always relegated these article topics to authors in need of blog reads. The SEO is dead prediction is probably only slightly older then SEO itself.   That being said, the nature of SEO changes every…

I Miss The Social Media Echo Chamber

Having a Social Media company up and running for over a year now, I’ve had the good fortune to make many valuable mistakes. I’ve also been around just long enough to see many of my mistakes performed spectacularly by others. One of the most prominent ones I see Social Media managers make is the complete…

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