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Brad has spent over 10 years in the digital multimedia industry. In 2010, he started Speak Social, a digital marketing and advertising team that defies the traditional agency model. Brad has multiple industry related articles published online, has spoken on many panels and presented on Social Media, Search and the future of Online Marketing, including during SXSWi, and has appeared on numerous news stories and radio interviews on the industry. Brad is also a celebrated trainer and has educated Fortune 500 companies, entrepreneurs, and the US State Department alike on Social Media strategy and implementation. Speak Social creates the strategies and campaigns for brands utilizing all forms of Social Media for marketing, advertising, sales, crowdfunding and PR.

Sales & Marketing:  How to Bridge the “Continental Divide”

Sales & Marketing: How to Bridge the “Continental Divide”

One benefit of analyzing companies from the outside-in is that I pick up on many things in an organization that often go un-noticed by leadership. For instance, I can assess what’s wrong with a marketing strategy in a way that a CMO cannot, because I have an unencumbered perspective. I most often observe that the…


My Busy Can Beat Up Your Busy

“Hey Brad! How have you been?” “Oh man, good, just busy as all hell. Trying to come up for air.” “Oh, I know just what you mean! I’m so busy, I was out of town 4 of the last 5 days, selling my house, onboarding new clients. I need an assistant.” “Tell me about it!…

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How Waiting Tables Made Me a Better Business Owner

You’ve likely heard the phrase in the weeds at least one time in your life. Typically it means that you’re getting lost in the details, but if you ever waited tables, this phrase means something quite different … you’re overwhelmed by tasks. It happens in the restaurant industry when a hostess seats multiple parties all…


How ‘Ridesharing Works’ Spent Themselves Into Losing on Prop 1

The most expensive marketing/advertising campaign spent on politics in Austin, TX, for Prop 1, just lost because it spent too much. Let me tell you how. Whether you live in Austin, or not, you’ve likely already heard about the campaign for Prop 1. This fight ticket was labeled as Uber / Lyft vs. The City…

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Owning a Business is a Lifestyle Saved for the Insane

  I must have something seriously wrong with me to put up with this stress. Everyone touts the benefits of entrepreneurship as if it is this choice that delivers you immediately into happiness … “keep chasing that dream, fool.”   At least while you’re struggling, poverty stricken, and stressing the hair from your scalp, you…


Measuring Customers with ‘Last Touch Attribution’ is like Sharing Vacation Photos of only the Airport

The biggest challenge in measuring the impact of marketing is drawing the line between advertising and sales. It’s the illusive dragon that most companies continue to chase. Unfortunately, like a mythical creature, you will never find a perfectly defined path between your sales and marketing. This is especially true of companies utilizing the Last Touch Attribution…

A Look Back on 2013 from Speak Social’s President, Brad Bogus

A Look Back on 2013 from Speak Social’s President, Brad Bogus

Another year has passed, but to us it feels more like three considering all that we experienced in 2013. We were involved in many interesting and significant projects, from SXSW to consulting with the US State Department. We thought now that the year has ended, and another has begun, it would be the perfect time…

Tracking Social Media Results Starts with Looking at ALL the Numbers

Tracking Social Media Results Starts with Looking at ALL the Numbers

OH the age-old debate … how do we track the ROI of Social Media? I love this debate. Although “age-old” really only encompasses the last 3 years or so, it’s the most frequently debated and discussed topic in marketing today. There are many opposing viewpoints on the answer: some disbelieve the ability entirely, others point…


Your CEO doesn’t need to be on Social Media

  An infographic – recently published on – questioned the Social Media activity (or lack thereof) amongst Fortune 500 CEOs. Frankly, I’m shocked more that this surprises anyone. The infographic, and accompanying article, present some interesting statistics about the minimal activity of those CEOs, coupled with observations on the increasing success for companies with…

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Trust your Gut Enough to be the CEO of your Vision

Imagine that you are a CEO with critical decisions to make daily, but no clue how to make them. You look over your bookkeeping, and the piled-up accounts receivables, as well as the accounts payables lingering nearby. Suddenly, your thoughts spring to your P & L Statement. It seems miserable, definitely lower than your projections…

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Join Us for Episode 3 of the Socially Speaking Podcast

  We took a hiatus over the holiday season, but we’re back and more opinionated than ever! Ok, while there is truth in that statement, we try to tone it down for our public audiences. In this episode, Adam & I take on the trends we see coming in 2013, and give our thoughts on…

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A Yearly Address from Speak Social

We started Speak Social at a time when Social Media was largely undefined. You couldn’t find white papers or case studies documenting the statistical proof of how well it worked, or how much money businesses generated through this new tool. We knew a lot had changed, and that wasn’t slowing down; in fact, the pace…


Facebook Improved Our Internal Communications

Find me a company that fully embraces using Social Media to improve communication within its organization. Go ahead, it’s a challenge. I’m betting you won’t find many.   The common opinion around Social Media is that it’s distracting, immature and a waste of time. Even company owners that are using Social Media as a part…


A Deafening Silence: The Social Media Battle Against SOPA & PIPA – PART I

Today is the day of Internet blackout; a day where many websites and Social Media channels decided to become unavailable to users in protest of the pending SOPA / PIPA (Stop Online Piracy Act / Protect Intellectual Property Act) bills being discussed in Congress. Wikipedia is one of the most vocal of these sites, but…

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