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The difference between Social Media dabbling and Social Media Marketing is a unified message. As a leader in content strategy for Speak Social, Stephanie adds life – and words – to a brand's goals. She sits down with clients to complete a Brand Profile, otherwise known as the playbook to any Social campaign. She may provide the content, but the voice is all theirs. Stephanie began writing in high school as a co-founder of the first edition of her school newspaper in 20 years. She graduated from Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania with a degree in Journalism and minor in Political Science. While in school, she served as Editor-in-Chief of the school’s newspaper, and completed an internship at Fox News in Philadelphia. She moved to Austin after graduating to take a marketing position with a large Federal Credit Union. Eventually the world moved online to blogs and Social Networking, and her focus shifted. Download Stephanie's Writer's Résumé


Spring Cleaning Includes Your Website | 5 Places to Start

When your website first launched it was most likely a simple place with the core information needed about your business. Fast-forward a few years, and many business owners find their site is bloated with content and promotions added slowly month after month. It’s not the most fun job, but cleaning out your website every once in a…

Social Media Account Logins

The #1 Thing Brands Are Missing When We Ask For It

When we first start working with a new brand, there are many things we must coordinate and gather to make sure we’re all working on the same page (or accounts as it may be). Among the list of on-boarding tasks we run through with clients, there is one thing that business owners consistently lack.   Database…

2018 Marketing Trends

Native Advertising in 2018 Will Be More Like A Puzzle Than Ever Before

After the revelations in 2017 that fake news exists all over the internet, brands are going to have a really hard time in 2018 creating native ads and smart content that actually works. With a more natural placement and formatting, native ads tend to get more exposure and more engagement than traditional banner ads … and…


Now a Word from Our Governement … on Twitter?

Since the beginning of the most recent administration, a new phenomena has taken hold with the use of Twitter by government officials as the main communication device with constituents. President Trump is the most obvious example of this; however, even Texas Governor Greg Abbott has caught on to the futuristic trend. In a recent article…

Holiday Marketing

Have Big Plans for Your Holiday Marketing? Hope You Got Started Yesterday…

Most of us are still trying to soak in what’s left of the summer sun, so thinking about the monstrous task of holiday marketing is the last thing we want to conquer. However, for brands and nonprofits wanting to pull-in bigger bucks this November & December than they did the year before, that means brainstorming…

Celebrity Endorsement Marketing

10 Ways to Get the Benefits of Celebrity Marketing When You Can’t Afford a Celebrity

Unless you’ve been living under a no-internet-having rock for the past year, you must have noticed that every big brand is using a celebrity endorsement to market their products. Obviously this is a fantastic way to quickly pull in a new audience of potential customers off the coat-tails of someone else’s fame, but what if…

Blogs are dead

Blogs are Not Dead, You are Killing Them … DUMMY!

It always amuses me to see people emphatically write the statement, “Blogs Are Dead;” not only because this battle cry is usually posted on (you guessed it!) a BLOG, but also because it is a blanket statement that is neither tested nor really understood. I question whether these media mavens really know what a blog is; because…

Speak Social Promo Video … We Get People Talking About Your Brand

Speak Social Promo Video … We Get People Talking About Your Brand

Although there are a variety of projects that we’ve worked on over the past four years, if you ask our team what we do best, the answer is always “creating conversations.” This beauty of a video produced by the talented minds at Abstract Media, gives a little peek into how we set out to create a…

Speak Social, U.S. Department, Pakistan Delegates

Activism through Social Media: A Project for Pakistan

Activism through Social Media: A Project for Pakistan via @speaksocial — Speak Social (@SpeakSocial) February 8, 2013 Secretly everyone has had the dream at least once where the government calls with a special mission, and you are the one they need. It’s a dream that rarely comes true, and in our case almost got…


Resources for Understanding Millennials & How to Connect with them Online

Our President, Brad Bogus is taking the stage once again today as the final Keynote of the UPCEA conference for Marketing Professionals in the Higher Education field. For 22 years the UPCEA Marketing Seminar has brought together relevant content, inspiring speakers, and a community of professionals in the continuing education field. The great marketing minds behind…


Speak Social & The U.S. State Dept … We Can’t Get Enough of Seeing That in Print!

If you’re an avid follower of Speak Social, you might remember a story we published a few months back about our leaders, Brad & Adam, meeting with a group of Pakistani delegates at the request of the U.S. State Department to discuss our methodologies in Social Media. Well we must have pleased someone (or at…


Case Study: SEO Works its Magic for Georgetown Law Office Traffic

The Dick Law Firm is a competitive law office that was being severely underserved by their traditional media spend. Shawn Dick and Stephen Hesse are accomplished defense attorneys who were simply being outspent by their competition and therefore not seeing the results. They pulled almost all of their marketing spend and decided to move it to web-based marketing. Speak Social…

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