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A Look at Traditional PR through the Years  (Infographic)

A Look at Traditional PR through the Years (Infographic)

With all of the discussion we’re having this week about new tactics in old PR, it got our team wondering … what all has changed since the beginning of traditional PR? Well we found this awesome infographic put together by that perfectly paints the picture of then verses now!          …

Facebook Marketing Austin

What happened to “It’s None of your Business”

The recent trouble Facebook got into regarding privacy regulations has made me consider some generational attitudes that I feel will define Social Media moving forward … but I’ll get there.   Privacy has been an ongoing issue for Facebook. Since the release of the recent apps Timelines and Frictionless Sharing, users can now, with the…

Search Engine Optimization

You can’t Spell Social Media without S … E … O

Search Engine Optimization has undergone a great number of changes in the past few years, and not just to the Googlepage rank algorithm. Internet marketing is a fast-paced industry, and trends move quickly, so we can look forward to major changes in the future. Just a few years ago, developing an online business Marketing Plan was…

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