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Have Big Plans for Your Holiday Marketing? Hope You Got Started Yesterday…

Most of us are still trying to soak in what’s left of the summer sun, so thinking about the monstrous task of holiday marketing is the last thing we want to conquer. However, for brands and nonprofits wanting to pull-in bigger bucks this November & December than they did the year before, that means brainstorming promotions and solidifying your sales funnel NOW.

According to the National Retail Federation, the U.S. sees an annual average increase of 2.5% in yearly holiday spending. As you can see in the year-over-year growth chart below, there is a big chunk of change to be shared around the holidays.

according to the National Retail Federation. Here are the past ten years of retail sales data. The average annual increase is 2.5%, thanks to the steep 4.6 percent decline in 2008. Before the 2008 financial crisis, the ten-year average annual increase was 3.5 percent.


So what should you be thinking about and preparing for right now?
Well, it depends on the type of monetary return you’re looking for …


Charitable Organizations

In 2016 the total giving to charitable organizations was $390.05 billion (2.1% of GDP), an increase of 2.7% in current dollars and 1.4% in inflation-adjusted dollars from 2015. Plus, giving has increased in current dollars every year since 1976, with the exception of three years that saw declines: 1987, 2008 and 2009. The holidays are when a lot of nonprofits bring in a majority of their yearly revenue.

Here’s what you need to be thinking about ….

What is your ask … and what are you able to offer?
Simply putting a “donate now” button on your website may feel sufficient, but you could be leaving money on the table by not creating a campaign that motivates your donors to give more.

How are you taking donations?
This process should be simple and easy to find for your potential donors. Buttons on your website are a good start, but have you checked out the new donation options right in posts on Facebook?

Do you have a solid lead generation funnel?
When is the last time you took the path from social media through the thank you for donating screen just like your donors experience? This exercise can give you big incite into the potential spots during the process where people may drop off. Is it easy to join your email newsletter? How quickly can we find your donate button? These are question you should explore periodically.


Holiday MarketingHoliday Sales

With potentially $600 Billion in sales happening each holiday season, business owners need to make sure their online sales game is tight. Sure some customers still visit the brick & mortar stores to buy gifts, but the majority of people are shopping from home … starting now.

Here’s what you need to be thinking about ….

Why should people buy from you and not them?
Discount codes, free shipping, gift wrapping?
Why should consumers buy your products instead of the thousand others available online?
Is it easy for people to see these added values when shopping for your brand?

Putting together a promotional campaign calendar can help organize the role out of specials and know what to track in measuring success.

How easy is it to buy from your store?
So, when is the last time YOU took the path from social media post through to buying a product on your site? Much like described above for charitable organizations, this exercise can give you big incite into the potential spots during the process where people may drop off.


Selling Services

If you’re in the services business — cleaning, bookkeeping, contractors, consultants — the best thing you can do to carry your business through the holidays is to get contracts signed now for work that is completed through January. Consider offering a discount, like a 2-for-1 deal on services, so long as the services are paid for and completed by the end of the year.


Crowdfunding During the Holidays

When you have a project timeline that needs to get funded, often that’s regardless of what holiday is coming up. However, money is tight for most families, and they have to choose wisely on where they place their dollars. If you are set on launching your crowdfunding campaign between now and the end of the year, make sure that you can deliver your rewards to people in time for them to give as gifts.

Our recommendation is to use this time to get you campaign ready, and then launch in January once people are back into their regular routine. This is particularly useful if you’re crowdfunding a project that involves New Year’s Resolution based items like workout equipment, nutritional supplements, or organizational tools.




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