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Facebook Purchases WhatsApp (and the youth market) for $19 Billion

Well the financial world is reeling from the news that Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg would spend $16 Billion in cash plus both public and private stock options for one single application. To us, the reason is simple … retaining the young… Continue Reading →

Three Ways to Improve Foursquare

With the announcement of Foursquare’s $15 million deal with Microsoft that will see Foursquare integrated with Bing on all Windows platforms, it got the Speak Social team thinking about the struggling Social network. In recent years, Foursquare proved unable to keep up… Continue Reading →

How Social Media Won the Super Bowl

If you’re going to have an event televised and viewed by over 100 million people, it’s safe to say marketers will be licking their chops at the opportunity such an event affords them. And it’s not just a big day… Continue Reading →

These Super Bowl Advertisers Know the Equation to Viral Video

You’ve heard it before, hell we’ve said it before, “There is no surefire equation to making content go viral.” Well I’m here to take that back. There absolutely is an equation, and it involves tugging on the strings that get… Continue Reading →

The Grammys’ One Woman Social Media Team

Mashable posted an interesting article this morning about a woman named Lindsay Gabbler, who, by the way, is responsible for the entire Social Media presence of The Grammys. That is right … I said the ENTIRE Social Media presence. All… Continue Reading →

10 Events & Conferences to Attend in 2014

If we’ve learned anything from past years, it’s that typical January blogs attempting to prognosticate major advancements in the coming year are worthless. The unpredictability of Social Media (who saw Snapchat taking over the world?) and technological advancements makes peeking… Continue Reading →

A Look Back on 2013 from Speak Social’s President, Brad Bogus

Another year has passed, but to us it feels more like three considering all that we experienced in 2013. We were involved in many interesting and significant projects, from SXSW to consulting with the US State Department. We thought now… Continue Reading →

Top 10 Speak Social Blogs of 2013

Well it has been quite a year in the worlds of Tech and Social Media. We have seen it all from the rise of micro-video to the fall of Google Reader, so we thought it would be fun to take… Continue Reading →

2013: The Year of Social Media Evolution, Revolution & Hijinks

5 Social Media Enlightenments of 2013   According to the great science fiction writers from the days of yore, by the year 2013 we were supposed to have flying cars and hoverboards. Well, that didn’t happen, but in many ways… Continue Reading →

Throwback Thursday: Have a Speak Social Holiday Jingle!

We represent a lot of different faiths in our office, but there is one thing that we all believe in … Holiday Satires. E N J O Y  TO  THE  WORLD!       It’s another lonely holiday on Facebook… Continue Reading →

Tracking Social Media Results Starts with Looking at ALL the Numbers

OH the age-old debate … how do we track the ROI of Social Media? I love this debate. Although “age-old” really only encompasses the last 3 years or so, it’s the most frequently debated and discussed topic in marketing today…. Continue Reading →

Resources for Understanding Millennials & How to Connect with them Online

Our President, Brad Bogus is taking the stage once again today as the final Keynote of the 2013 UPCEA conference for Marketing Professionals in the Higher Education field. For 22 years the UPCEA Marketing Seminar has brought together relevant content,… Continue Reading →

Google Puts Money in the Pockets of “How To” Experts with Introduction of Helpouts

In a move to help people make some cash off their free knowledge, Google launched a tool called Helpouts on Tuesday in which people can pay to get help from experts over a live video chat similar to Google Hangouts. Anyone who… Continue Reading →

The Sales & Marketing Problem – How to Dissolve this “Continental Divide”

  One benefit of analyzing companies from the outside-in is that I pick up on many things in an organization that often go un-noticed by leadership. For instance, I can assess what’s wrong with a marketing strategy in a way… Continue Reading →

Who Reigns Supreme in a World of Internet Wars?

Click on Image to Enlarge   The internet wars have waged for over 20 years. And with it, we’ve seen the fall of titans (AOL, MySpace, AltaVista), the longevity of steady powers (Google, Yahoo!, Amazon), and the rise of sleeping… Continue Reading →

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