Facebook Spam

Slacktivism Won’t Change Our World, so Stop NOT Trying

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Facebook Spam

I see a trend that is disturbing, frustrating and most certainly annoying. It is likely that your Facebook feed is littered with the images of American soldiers returning home, abused puppies, Jesus on a cross, cancer victims and anything else that has the potential to tug at your heart strings. Attached to these images are the directions “LIKE if you agree” or “Share if you love America.” How can you say I don’t love my country if I don’t share your cheesy image? Yet, in an effort to show their allegiance to these causes, people follow these instructions without a deeper understanding of who’s cause they are really supporting.


Allow me to paint you a picture. Right now, somewhere out in the middle of nowhere, there is a person flipping through Google for images that draw emotion. He or she is one of the many people responsible for these images flooding our Facebook feed. Social causes? Yeah right! Political alignment? He couldn’t care less about anything other than being a drop in the water that ripples across the pond – and world. He wants a sharable image. He wants you to like it. He wants it to get millions of shares. He wants his Klout score to rise. His interest ends there.


Like BaitSome may argue that awareness is still raised on these important topics, regardless of the motives of the person creating the like bait. I’d be wrong to say otherwise. However, what KIND of awareness is raised? Are the people who like and share like bait really the ones YOU are going to count on to change the world, or raise awareness for a cause?  Furthermore, if the architect of the like bait couldn’t care less about its cause, and is preying on people who DO find it important, is that wrong? Yes, it is, and Social Media would be better off without it.


So this is me pleading with all of you. STOP! Stop sharing useless content. Stop liking this nonsense. If you are passionate about a cause, DONATE or share a website with your following. Simply clicking the like and share buttons on a stupid image created on a teenager’s laptop is slacktivisim at its finest. Don’t be so lazy.


Let’s keep Facebook spam free.

Andy Gonzalez

Andy focuses on capturing the attention of the communities that he builds for Speak Social. Our campaigns include various moving parts on multiple Social channels. A previous Project Manager for Integrated Technologies Inc., Andy held projects together with years of experience in streamlining process and communicating efficiently. These talents have made him a sought after Community Manager, earning him an invite-only position on the Klout Squad; something only awarded to those who prove their worth in Influencer Marketing. His success has also earned him the distinction of Rising Star in Social Media from Finger Candy Media. His blogs appear on Social Media Today, USAToday.com, FuseTV and DallasMorningNews.com. Most recently, he was written about on Gawker.com for his charitable online work with Team Adalia Rose. Andy Gonzalez on Google+ @AndyViral

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