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SOCIAL INNOVATORS – Trina Hernandez: Shaking Things Up In Austin

Social InnovatorWhen I first joined twitter, Trina was one of the people who stood out. She is funny, clever and always on the forefront of Austin happenings. She’s also empathetic, warm and a passionate advocate for health and the Hispanic community.
Here she is, in her own words:

“I am a blogger, copywriter and Social Media maven clawing her way towards making her passion, a career. I’m also widely known as an early adopter of new Social platforms (“How many online accounts do you have?” is a frequent question I get), an internet enthusiast, fanatic of food trucks, wearer of chanclas & geeky over technology. I share it all over the web, as well as on my blog: Tacos y Gatos!”


How You Can Find Trina:

My Website

My Facebook

My Twitter


Which Social sites do you visit every single day?

Most definitely Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, Flickr and Foursquare. Everything else just depends on what kind of day it is…


I happen to know you as a particularly early adopter in the tech world. You seem to always be just ahead of the newest trends. What are you particularly proud to have been early on? Is there anything you adopted too late?

I’m particularly proud of being an early adopter of Flickr. My friend sent me an invite and since 2004, I’ve been a fan. To say it fueled my love and inspiration in photography at the young age of 22 would be an accurate statement. I would say I was late joining the Facebook crowd. I didn’t open that account until a year and a half ago. I just didn’t understand why people would talk to their friends there rather than text, call or see them. Once I realized that I was able to keep in contact with my family in Mexico (I’m lucky if I see them at least once a year!), I was pretty much on board.


What are your predictions about Google + and Do you think they’ll stick around or prove to be just passing trends? How often do you get on both?

I see the potential each platform carries. I would say that if you haven’t experienced Twitter or Facebook previously, one could very easily prefer these over the others. But once you have a taste / preference for a service, it’s hard to leave that shell and move into something new. I’m a curious being, and I love finding new services that may just convince me otherwise. Unfortunately, didn’t do anything for me that I wasn’t already getting from twitter, so I hardly, if ever, visit the site unless someone mentions me. As for Google+, I try to log on every day and scope the scene. I’m starting to see the growth and have high hopes for it. My family is starting to join the G+ bandwagon, so we’ll see where it goes.


What is your favorite thing about Social Media?

More than anything, the people you meet and connections you make. I have friends in Malaysia, Singapore, India, Canada, and of course, Mexico. I love learning about their cultures, their surroundings and teaching them my own. I also love meeting the locals. I love how you can basically go as far deep as the person lets you into their lives. I love the ability to share my own life, because I’m pretty much an open book. I love using it as a tool to express myself, to learn from others and hopefully be informational and funny along the way. Overall, I just love how easy it is to be in one’s life, especially when you’re so far apart. Dare I mention I met my husband of six years via Social Media? Thanks MySpace!


Tell me about your blog!

Tacosygatos is a WordPress site where I blog about food, Austin, family, being Latina, photography, Social Media, technology, etc. The sky is the definitely not the limit 😉 I don’t like encasing myself in just one category.


Let’s talk about Klout, which measures Social influence among users.  Do you love it? Follow it?

I forgot to add my Klout Page!
I think right now, the only thing ‘bugging’ me is the whole Klout thing. I love Klout, but then sometimes I dislike it. The only time I truly dislike it is when my score goes down. As to whether it’s truly accurate in being a tool to measure one’s influence, I’m on the fence. It’s become my own personal battle, very much like a Catholic trying to decide if there is a God or not. Weird, but true. I highly believe Klout will improve in more ways than one when it comes to measuring one’s influence. With the recent change (when some people’s scores either went drastically down or up), I was convinced that they are still learning and with that learning, comes more improvement. But with that improvement, comes more proof that I may not be as influential as I thought I’d be. BUT! At the same time, I feel like I have something to work towards. It’s like some sort of weird goal.


Congratulations on your Statesman Social Media Award Nomination!

Thanks to my dear friend, @UndercoverMexi, I’ve been nominated for a Statesman Social Media Award. If you could take a minute (or five) to vote for ‘Tacos y Gatos,’ I will be forever thankful and most appreciative.

Good luck to all the nominees! Vote HERE!


Lately you’ve been blogging about your journey towards health and fitness. I’ve personally been inspired by your efforts and steady success.

I feel really strongly about promoting health in Austin and in the Hispanic community. The natural place to start is with me! Two places I blog about healthy living are: Tacos y Gatos and FitVision. I’m super stoked with myself. Three weeks ago, I was barely able to do 20 minutes at a resistance level of 10 on the elliptical. Just this morning, I did a whole hour (4 miles!). It’s amazing what our bodies can do if we just push ‘em.


Google’s recent change in the way they do search has caused ripples in the Social Media world. What are your thoughts?

Don’t get me started on Google! Actually, I’m starting to appreciate the new search. It’s interesting to see what my friends and acquaintances have to say about certain things I Google. In all honesty, I don’t think it’s changed much. Google is, like many other tech companies, evolving. It’s seeking to accommodate the needs of others. Some will like it, some won’t. Those that don’t will later come to appreciate it. Everyone threw a fit about Facebook’s Timeline. Now, who’s complaining? It’s a free service. Changes will happen. If anything, we all benefit from changes. We learn to adapt. We learn to grow along with these companies. It’s a little thing known the Tech Life.


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