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Influencers Spread Equal Rights on Social Media like a Fast Moving Virus

When I get to the Speak Social office in the mornings, my routine is simple: I take my laptop out of my black messenger bag, plug it in the outlet behind my desk, and open Internet Explorer (no judgments please)…. Continue Reading →

Twitter’s Mute Button is What Should be Muted

You can’t win them all. Sometimes you lose big. Other times, you don’t win or lose … you just stalemate yourself.  That’s exactly what Twitter did when it rolled out the mute button this week. Sure, I have fallen victim… Continue Reading →

How Cheerios Scared the Hell Out of Their Facebook Fans

The story was all over the internet on Friday, “If you like Cheerios on Facebook, you’re not allowed to sue us.” General Mills, the overseer of such brands as Chex, Cheerios, and Betty Crocker, changed its legal terms, and what… Continue Reading →

These are the 30 People you will Definitely see at SXSW (Many of These Describe Us)

Article Courtesy:  The Thrillist Whether you plan to jump in head first or stay far, far away — it’s inevitable, SXSW is upon us. We all know that with all the innovation and fun that comes with a festival of this magnitude,… Continue Reading →

Facebook Purchases WhatsApp (and the youth market) for $19 Billion

Well the financial world is reeling from the news that Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg would spend $16 Billion in cash plus both public and private stock options for one single application. To us, the reason is simple … retaining the young… Continue Reading →

The Grammys’ One Woman Social Media Team

Mashable posted an interesting article this morning about a woman named Lindsay Gabbler, who, by the way, is responsible for the entire Social Media presence of The Grammys. That is right … I said the ENTIRE Social Media presence. All… Continue Reading →

10 Events & Conferences to Attend in 2014

If we’ve learned anything from past years, it’s that typical January blogs attempting to prognosticate major advancements in the coming year are worthless. The unpredictability of Social Media (who saw Snapchat taking over the world?) and technological advancements makes peeking… Continue Reading →

Google Puts Money in the Pockets of “How To” Experts with Introduction of Helpouts

In a move to help people make some cash off their free knowledge, Google launched a tool called Helpouts on Tuesday in which people can pay to get help from experts over a live video chat similar to Google Hangouts. Anyone who… Continue Reading →

Who Reigns Supreme in a World of Internet Wars?

Click on Image to Enlarge   The internet wars have waged for over 20 years. And with it, we’ve seen the fall of titans (AOL, MySpace, AltaVista), the longevity of steady powers (Google, Yahoo!, Amazon), and the rise of sleeping… Continue Reading →

Yahoo Throws Analytics Platform, DataSift, into Bed with Tumblr

  Tumblr has teamed up with Social analytics firm DataSift to provide users with information about consumer engagement and sentiment. Their intent is to assist brands in knowing who their audience is and what that audience wants. At least that’s how… Continue Reading →

Today they released Embed Codes for all pics and videos … and we just happened to have an adorable shot of our new Intern to share!!  Thanks Instagram!        

RIP Vine: Facebook & Instagram Announce Killer New Video Features

UPDATE:  Looks like Instagram Video will only work on Android phones with the Jellybean Operating System (4.1.2) or higher. We apologize if your phone can’t handle it … but who’s fault is that really? Thanks to Instagram, the world I… Continue Reading →

FOX 7 Calls on Speak Social for Tips to Keep your Online Presence Safe from Trolling Predators

When you reach a certain visibility online, you will eventually run into trolls as one Austin woman found out about two months ago when she searched her name and found multiple accounts set up by other people.     GIVE… Continue Reading →

Oh, We’re Official Now: Speak Social on Wikipedia!

Just like a relationship that can start and end with the click of a Facebook button, Wikipedia is the Holy Grail for building credibility online for brands. It takes more know-how than a Fort Knox engineer to set yourself up… Continue Reading →

SXSW is Here … and this is What we’re Psyched about this Weekend!

  As native Austinites, we’re always happy when SXSW rolls to town and we get the chance to catch up once again with our friends from across the country … and the world! We’ll be wheelin’ and dealin’ across town for the… Continue Reading →

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