State of Content Marketing

State of Content Marketing

If you’re experiencing a dip in your digital marketing efforts (and can’t remember the last time you put out an original piece of content) then it might be time for you to shake up your marketing with a Content Strategy. As demonstrated by Zazzle Media in the below infographic, their study of thousands of marketing…

Sales & Marketing:  How to Bridge the “Continental Divide”

Sales & Marketing: How to Bridge the “Continental Divide”

One benefit of analyzing companies from the outside-in is that I pick up on many things in an organization that often go un-noticed by leadership. For instance, I can assess what’s wrong with a marketing strategy in a way that a CMO cannot, because I have an unencumbered perspective. I most often observe that the…

Social Media Account Logins

The #1 Thing Brands Are Missing When We Ask For It

When we first start working with a new brand, there are many things we must coordinate and gather to make sure we’re all working on the same page (or accounts as it may be). Among the list of on-boarding tasks we run through with clients, there is one thing that business owners consistently lack.   Database…

Celebrity Endorsement Marketing

10 Ways to Get the Benefits of Celebrity Marketing When You Can’t Afford a Celebrity

Unless you’re living under a no-internet-having rock, you’ve noticed that every big brand is using a celebrity endorsement to market their products. Obviously, this is a fantastic way to quickly pull in a new audience of potential customers off the coat-tails of someone else’s fame, but what if you don’t have that kind of marketing…

Blogs are dead

Blogs are Not Dead, You are Killing Them … DUMMY!

It always amuses me to see people emphatically write the statement, “Blogs Are Dead;” not only because this battle cry is usually posted on (you guessed it!) a BLOG, but also because it is a blanket statement that is neither tested nor really understood. I question whether these media mavens really know what a blog is; because…


Traditional PR Lacks Trackability, but Still Necessary for a Successful Campaign

Back in the day, when you needed to spread the word about your business, you sent out a good ol’ fashioned Press Release. It was the media that had the power to “reach” the masses, and you needed them to make sure your message was heard. Well in 2014 you still need the media, and…

Facebook Spam

Slacktivism Won’t Change Our World, so Stop NOT Trying

LINK TO SHARE:   I see a trend that is disturbing, frustrating and most certainly annoying. It is likely that your Facebook feed is littered with the images of American soldiers returning home, abused puppies, Jesus on a cross, cancer victims and anything else that has the potential to tug at your heart strings. Attached…

Startup Culture Blog

Culture: The Foundation to Any Startup Dream

There is one word you’re probably hearing way more often since the dawn of internet startups …Culture. While it has always been an important element of a company, especially since the Social Media bubble began in 2007, it seems like Culture has taken its well deserved seat in front of the conversation about business. Even if it’s just…


How ‘Ridesharing Works’ Spent Themselves Into Losing on Prop 1

The most expensive marketing/advertising campaign spent on politics in Austin, TX, for Prop 1, just lost because it spent too much. Let me tell you how. Whether you live in Austin, or not, you’ve likely already heard about the campaign for Prop 1. This fight ticket was labeled as Uber / Lyft vs. The City…

Speak Social Team

Owning a Business is a Lifestyle Saved for the Insane

  I must have something seriously wrong with me to put up with this stress. Everyone touts the benefits of entrepreneurship as if it is this choice that delivers you immediately into happiness … “keep chasing that dream, fool.”   At least while you’re struggling, poverty stricken, and stressing the hair from your scalp, you…


Measuring Customers with ‘Last Touch Attribution’ is like Sharing Vacation Photos of only the Airport

The biggest challenge in measuring the impact of marketing is drawing the line between advertising and sales. It’s the illusive dragon that most companies continue to chase. Unfortunately, like a mythical creature, you will never find a perfectly defined path between your sales and marketing. This is especially true of companies utilizing the Last Touch Attribution…


A Journalist Wrote this Blog … and I have a Degree to Prove it

I recently attended a press event for the grand opening of a restaurant. There, sticking out among all the slacks, dresses, and neatly pressed shirts, was a young man, hair in disarray, wearing a black tank top and cargo pants. I was later told, much to my surprise, that this young man, who looked no…


A Look at Traditional PR through the Years (Infographic)

With all of the discussion we’re having this week about new tactics in old PR, it got our team wondering … what all has changed since the beginning of traditional PR? Well we found this awesome infographic put together by that perfectly paints the picture of then verses now!          …


How Social Media Won the Super Bowl

If you’re going to have an event televised and viewed by over 100 million people, it’s safe to say marketers will be licking their chops at the opportunity such an event affords them. And it’s not just a big day for those few who can afford commercial spots during the Super Bowl. In the middle…


Tracking Social Media Results Starts with Looking at ALL the Numbers

OH the age-old debate … how do we track the ROI of Social Media? I love this debate. Although “age-old” really only encompasses the last 3 years or so, it’s the most frequently debated and discussed topic in marketing today. There are many opposing viewpoints on the answer: some disbelieve the ability entirely, others point…

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