Embedded Posts Offer Brands the Power to Control their Message

Google+ (the long ignored middle-child of Social Media) has been a tough sell for the forward-thinking Google Empire. Between big brother Facebook – and its rebellious little sister Twitter – Google+ has done everything it can to stay relevant, mostly by making sure it offers the same things that the other guys do. Currently Google+…

The Good Ones Always Die in Threes … and Google Reader is the Next to Go

The Good Ones Always Die in Threes … and Google Reader is the Next to Go

Don’t forget (if you’re a Google Reading fool) that starting today your favorite knowledge-hoarding tool is joining some of its predecessors in the technology cemetery! We’re not really sure what all the drama is about though; Google has at least two other options for readers with Feedly & Currents. Check them out in the Play…


Google Analytics, You Failed Me for the Last Time

One major rule of Social Media marketing is to track everything, and at Speak Social we take that responsibility very seriously. When certain content goes out for clients that I suspect will perform well, I monitor its performance closely. I pride myself on knowing when and where every click happens. That is where this story…

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Want a Successful Marketing Company? Stop Trying to be an Overachiever

  There’s a new word floating around the web, humblebrag (humble • brag). It’s when one brags about oneself through a story of humility. This piece might come off as a bit of a humblebrag, but bear with me to the end.   When we started Speak Social, our team was one of the best (and…

Scroogled by Google

“Don’t Be Evil” … How Google Messed Up, Big Time (Part 1 of 2)

This is a long story. This is a story that will take two parts to tell in full, and in order to understand my anger toward Google, you must read every word of this. The casual, headline-and-first-paragraph-reading audience need not apply.   My Dad owns a business in San Antonio. It’s an upstanding and honest…

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“Don’t Be Evil” … How Google Messed Up, Big Time (Part 2 of 2)

Read Part 1 of this Blog Series   So where did we leave off? Oh, yes … It’s not like you can call Google and tell them what’s what. A common thread amongst websites these days is the inability to talk to customer support via the telephone. Sure, they have a phone number, but unless…

Online Review Crybabies

Are You Really an Elite Reviewer, or just an Online Crybaby?

  Online reviews … what a tangled web of opinions, truths and lies our world has weaved. Businesses have built entire operations around monitoring this monster. At Speak Social, Review Monitoring is one of the many important online services that we offer to brands. On a daily basis, we comb through review after review, thanking…

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Talk is Cheap: Can your Social Media Marketing Team Deliver on what they Preach?

Our President, Brad Bogus, and I recently spoke to a group of delegates from Pakistan about U.S. Social Media practices. During the Q & A session, some of the delegates asked what makes a good Social Media company. Pakistan is an incredibly tech-savvy country from what we could tell, but the Social Media game is…

Facebook Graph Search Safe for Children

As Parents, We Need an Online Dashboard to Monitor the Social Presence of our Children

    The world of Social Media has changed forever – again. That’s right, I know we’ve said it before, but this time I mean FOREVER. What can we credit with this permanent shift in Social thinking? Facebook Graph Search. If you don’t know what Graph Search is all about, I suggest you do a…

Be The CEO

Trust your Gut Enough to be the CEO of your Vision

Imagine that you are a CEO with critical decisions to make daily, but no clue how to make them. You look over your bookkeeping, and the piled-up accounts receivables, as well as the accounts payables lingering nearby. Suddenly, your thoughts spring to your P & L Statement. It seems miserable, definitely lower than your projections…

Social Media Marketing Strategy

10 Speak Social Tips for Your 2013 Marketing Strategy

With the new year rapidly approaching, we put our heads together at Speak Social to come up with a list of New Media marketing tips that we feel brands should keep in mind when thinking about their 2013 marketing plans.   This is just the start to our thoughts for 2013. Want to know more?…


Don’t Know Why You Should Use Social Media Marketing? Let Us Show You!

The new year is barreling towards us at a speed only seen on the Autobahn (sorry we’re still in F1 mode here in Austin), which means one thing … it’s time to set the dreaded Marketing Budget.   If your marketing efforts in 2013 do not include some sort of New Media interaction, your advertising…

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I Hate How You Shared This Blog

  No, I’m not talking about you, nice lady that shares articles she likes … I’m talking about YOU! Yes you Mr. Spamtastic. You know what I don’t get about you? There is absolutely no way on God’s green earth that your methods of batching and blasting tweets has ever paid-off for you.  Yet, you…

Grammarly Facebook

THINK b-e-f-o-r-e (NOT B4) you TWEET!

Our writers just can’t understand why people meltdown when it comes to grammar on Twitter. It’s called abbreviation people, and we learned it in grade school! That’s why we were tickled pink to see the latest image macro from our friends over at Grammarly. Well said my friend, well said.  

Twitter Scandal

An Accidental Tweet: The Internet’s Version of the Sex Tape

By this point you must have heard a story or two about a brand or personality tweeting something inappropriate – something they would never want their followers to see or read. From Chrysler – to StubHub’s most recent slip-up – it seems like these things are happening more-and-more.   Could it be that Generation Now is…

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