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You can’t Spell Social Media without S … E … O

Search Engine Optimization has undergone a great number of changes in the past few years, and not just to the Googlepage rank algorithm. Internet marketing is a fast-paced industry, and trends move quickly, so we can look forward to major changes in the future. Just a few years ago, developing an online business Marketing Plan was a simple process. SEO, concerned mainly with keyword density, relevant inbound links, site architecture (soiling) and proper Meta tags, was essential to ensuring high-ranking results on search engine results pages.


Search Engine OptimizationThe emergence of Social Media created a new landscape for Search Engine Optimization. Social media influences website rankings. SEO remains a necessary discipline, but is moving toward utilization through multiple online Social outlets. The interesting results emerging from Social is that you’re search results on a particular topic look completely different from what I will find searching the same topic. That is because I am influenced by different people, social channels and information; what I find relevant will determine the search results I see from now on.


Well-crafted SEO can still improve ranking, and this leads to increased web traffic, which leads to increased revenue. Adding Social Media to the online marketing mix should not eliminate SEO. It should still be a part of your strategy for a successful online marketing campaign. FacebookTwitterLindedIn, videos, images, podcasts, blogs and press releases should all be optimized for increased ranking.


Google+ is the latest offering to allow Google into the Social Media market. It allows online search information to break out of the keyword / Adword restrictions, and include user demographics and specific user information mined from Social Media profiles and posts.


In the future, look for a move toward tailored search, something that the major search engines have been trying to provide for a while as well as integration of both Social Media and search markets.


For the past five years Ted has worked in the internet marketing field as a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) analyst and content writer providing internet marketing analysis and traffic monitoring through Social Media Optimization (SMO) and branding activities. The Head of Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Monitoring and Analytics requires someone with a specialized thought process, which Ted brings to the team. He conducts extensive research to determine a social media measurement strategy based on client business objectives. His reports analyze massive amounts of data to show where views originate, how followers interact with your brand and what drives conversions.

Ted Price

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