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Are Instagram Automations Worth It?

  Automation is something that we’ve been dreaming about for decades. Just look at any old Jetsons cartoon and you’ll see it. Jane Jetson walks into a kitchen, pushes a few buttons and boom, dinner is done! While push button meals never ended up materializing (Sonic doesn’t count), other concepts around automations are at full…


RIP Vine: Facebook & Instagram Announce Killer New Video Features

UPDATE:  Looks like Instagram Video will only work on Android phones with the Jellybean Operating System (4.1.2) or higher. We apologize if your phone can’t handle it … but who’s fault is that really? Thanks to Instagram, the world I live in (Facebook) has become obsessed with filtering photos to look like a Polaroid snapshot…


Instagram’s Crazy Changes get Speak Social Talking on FOX 7 News in Austin

If you blinked yesterday you may have missed Instagrams hefty policy changes that they then – with an “opposite day” like ruthlessness – took back due to the uproar on Social Media. We understand that Instragram’s benefactor Facebook is simply trying to make a buck, but did they really think people wouldn’t get a bee in…

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