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A Yearly Address from Speak Social

Speak Social Owners

We started Speak Social at a time when Social Media was largely undefined. You couldn’t find white papers or case studies documenting the statistical proof of how well it worked, or how much money businesses generated through this new tool. We knew a lot had changed, and that wasn’t slowing down; in fact, the pace of changes in technology, the internet and Social Media in general is quickening beyond our comprehension. As with online, we experienced a healthy dose of change in the year of 2012 … and luckily it didn’t have anything to do with the world ending!


This year we served a wonderful group of new clientele, hailing from a wide diversity of business landscapes from athletic clothing, innovation software, travel, oil & gas, plastic surgery, online retail, bars & restaurants, gyms and more. We also had the opportunity to do some philanthropic work with key individuals and organizations like Adalia Rose (Google her, she’s amazing!), Social Good Summit Austin, Xhibit Productions’ art show, and the Austin Arts scene in general. We also trained a number of great organizations in the art of Social Media; from KOA Campgrounds, The Austin Chronicle, the City of Montgomery and Rentrak (the global box office ratings company, very cool, Google them too!). In case you thought we were just a Social Media company, we also produced some fabulous radio and TV spots, a music video and the creative behind an aggressive bus-banner campaign for the City of Austin.


Needless to say, we’ve learned quite a bit in 2012, through both experience and knowledge. I’m proud to say that this year alone we’ve been featured in local news stories seven times; including two live interviews on the morning and nightly news. We’re now the “go-to” Social Media company for expert knowledge on three premier Austin news stations. We’ve also had five different members of our team published multiple times in major Social Media blog sites like Social Media Today, and our company was praised in an article on Mashable for a contest we ran for Roll On Sushi Diner.


If it sounds like I’m bragging, it’s because I am. I could not be prouder of our incredible team and what we’ve accomplished together this year. The funny thing is, I don’t consider 2012 to have been that great of a year. What I expect us to accomplish in 2013 will be far greater. We’ve already confirmed that we’ll be working with two of the largest media conglomerates in the world, a couple very popular restaurant chains, and a few reputable traditional marketing agencies, just to name a few … and that’s before the next year even begins!


We look forward to a prosperous 2013; one filled with great clients, friends and family. May all your lives and businesses find joy and happiness in the new year.


Brad Bogus
President of Speak Social



Brad Bogus

Brad has spent over 10 years in the digital multimedia industry. In 2010, he started Speak Social, a digital marketing and advertising team that defies the traditional agency model. Brad has multiple industry related articles published online, has spoken on many panels and presented on Social Media, Search and the future of Online Marketing, including during SXSWi, and has appeared on numerous news stories and radio interviews on the industry. Brad is also a celebrated trainer and has educated Fortune 500 companies, entrepreneurs, and the US State Department alike on Social Media strategy and implementation. Speak Social creates the strategies and campaigns for brands utilizing all forms of Social Media for marketing, advertising, sales, crowdfunding and PR.

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