State of Content Marketing

State of Content Marketing

If you’re experiencing a dip in your digital marketing efforts (and can’t remember the last time you put out an original piece of content) then it might be time for you to shake up your marketing with a Content Strategy. As demonstrated by Zazzle Media in the below infographic, their study of thousands of marketing…

Sales & Marketing:  How to Bridge the “Continental Divide”

Sales & Marketing: How to Bridge the “Continental Divide”

One benefit of analyzing companies from the outside-in is that I pick up on many things in an organization that often go un-noticed by leadership. For instance, I can assess what’s wrong with a marketing strategy in a way that a CMO cannot, because I have an unencumbered perspective. I most often observe that the…

Female Online Reader

The 3 Types of Online Reader

If your readership analytics fall flat month after month, the problem might not be with what you’re writing about–it might be a problem with the way you format your words. Before you publish that next online article, take a moment to consider whether the following three reader types get what they need out of your content.


Offer a Suite of Digital Marketing Services to Clients … No Internal Team Required!

Our Digital Marketing solutions are perfect for Traditional Marketing Agencies, PR Firms, and Video Production Companies to enhance the variety of services you can offer to clients WITHOUT having to hire on a whole department of people trained in content creation, social media, and SEO tactics. Why spend 100s of thousands of dollars in building a digital marketing department?


My Busy Can Beat Up Your Busy

“Hey Brad! How have you been?” “Oh man, good, just busy as all hell. Trying to come up for air.” “Oh, I know just what you mean! I’m so busy, I was out of town 4 of the last 5 days, selling my house, onboarding new clients. I need an assistant.” “Tell me about it!…


When to Post about Tradeshows on Social Media

Not every brand has the benefit of sexy models on private jets to post about on Social Media. Some brands, like businesses from the energy sector, have important messages to get out to their audience that are not very photogenic … and often brutally repetitive. One of those posting topic decisions that marketers must make,…

Social Media Account Logins

The #1 Thing Brands Are Missing When We Ask For It

When we first start working with a new brand, there are many things we must coordinate and gather to make sure we’re all working on the same page (or accounts as it may be). Among the list of on-boarding tasks we run through with clients, there is one thing that business owners consistently lack.   Database…

Celebrity Endorsement Marketing

10 Ways to Get the Benefits of Celebrity Marketing When You Can’t Afford a Celebrity

Unless you’re living under a no-internet-having rock, you’ve noticed that every big brand is using a celebrity endorsement to market their products. Obviously, this is a fantastic way to quickly pull in a new audience of potential customers off the coat-tails of someone else’s fame, but what if you don’t have that kind of marketing…


Now a Word from Our Governement … on Twitter?

Since the beginning of the most recent administration, a new phenomena has taken hold with the use of Twitter by government officials as the main communication device with constituents. President Trump is the most obvious example of this; however, even Texas Governor Greg Abbott has caught on to the futuristic trend. In a recent article…


Twitch Hires Kate Jhaveri as new SVP of Marketing

Kate Jhaveri, who previously held senior VP of marketing positions at Twitter, Facebook and Microsoft, has been hired by Amazon’s Twitch to fill that same role. Kate Jhaveri led global consumer marketing at Twitter, where she was responsible for essentially all things marketing.  She left Twitter last August. In her new role at Twitch (a company…


Unbarlievable: How to Be Horrible at Handling Bad Reviews

Let this be a lesson to you. If you give bad service, get a bad review and do a bad job at handling that review, you WILL get dragged by the internet. This bar started their day with 5 star reviews on every platform. Then their owner stepped in to handle the review you see…

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