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The #1 Thing Brands Are Missing When We Ask For It

When we first start working with a new brand, there are many things we must coordinate and gather to make sure we’re all working on the same page (or accounts as it may be). Among the list of on-boarding tasks we run through with clients, there is one thing that business owners consistently lack.


Database of Account Logins


Sure it sounds simple, but ask most business owners if they have a secure bank where they keep the logins to all of their open digital channels and you’ll most likely receive a blank (semi-panic-stricken) stare back in return. Yet this one simple document, stored in a secure location, can relieve several headaches.

Knowing Where People See You Online
It’s never a good sign when we ask a client where their business appears online and they respond with a shrug. Having an account open, but not in use, invites others to control your message or (worse) looks like you’ve gone out of business.

Quick Access In A Pinch
Imagine you’re out to dinner with your spouse and see that your intern accidentally posted a 50% off coupon that you had not approved yet. The intern is off the clock and not responding to emails (you’ll deal with him later), but right now you have to log into the company Instagram account to take the post down. The only question is, do you know the current username and password off the top of your head? Wouldn’t it be nice to know exactly where to look for it?

Secure Control Over Admin Status
By having all of your account information in one place, you can be in control of who has access to this very sensitive information. We recommend a couple of options below for how to house this database, but our most successful method has always been the good ol’ spreadsheet saved to a secure Dropbox or Google Drive folder that is shared with only the people needing access to it. If security needs to be tighter on this information, you can add a passcode to the spreadsheet as well. We also recommend adding a column to the spreadsheet where you can note who has admin access currently to that channel.

Handing Over The Reigns
When it does come time to let a team like Speak Social take over your digital marketing, make sure no time is wasted tracking down logins. The worst thing we’ve seen (more than once) is a business owner having to go back to a past employee to ask for access to their own company Facebook page. #BreaksYourHeart


Methods for Login Databasing

It’s ok to admit that organization is not your strong suit. The first step to change is admitting there’s a problem, right? That’s why Online Tools Like LastPass offer the best solution for busy business owners who just know they won’t stop to write new logins down every time they open a new channel. LastPast will ask if you want to save the new login information and help you categorize it. However, there are extra steps you will have to take to make sure your team can access these logins as well.

Time and time again what’s worked the best for our clients is a Simple Spreadsheet. It’s easy to keep open on your computer and allows you to view everything right there on one screen. As a free gift for reading this article, we’ve included a download link to grab a sample logins spreadsheet that is identical to the one we use for our clients. You’re going to laugh at how simple this critical marketing task can be!





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The difference between Social Media dabbling and Social Media Marketing is a unified message. As a leader in content strategy for Speak Social, Stephanie adds life – and words – to a brand's goals. She sits down with clients to complete a Brand Profile, otherwise known as the playbook to any Social campaign. She may provide the content, but the voice is all theirs. Stephanie began writing in high school as a co-founder of the first edition of her school newspaper in 20 years. She graduated from Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania with a degree in Journalism and minor in Political Science. While in school, she served as Editor-in-Chief of the school’s newspaper and completed an internship at Fox News in Philadelphia. She moved to Austin after graduating to take a marketing position with a large Federal Credit Union. Eventually, the world moved online to blogs and Social Networking, and her focus shifted. Download Stephanie's Writer's Résumé

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